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Our Support Project

But manna is more than just a cafe. We want to foster community and celebrate life in all its fulness, but we are also keen to raise awareness of key social issues and encourage debate and enquiry about the meaning and value of life. Join us online to join the conversation, and keep up with the latest events.
Perhaps the most exciting aspect of manna - setting it apart from any other venue in Tunbridge Wells - is that 100 % of its profits will be donated to charity.

Why are we doing this?
It’s because we want to make a real and long-lasting impact on the lives of those living in poverty. We see this as part of what it means to build community and be a Christian church that reaches out to our neighbours and beyond. We are pleased that whilst you are enjoying your coffee, cake, free wifi, and perhaps even a little time out from a hectic world, you are also changing the lives of those living in desperate poverty. Find our more on how we are Making a Difference through our first partnership with the Redeemed Gospel Church in the Mathare Valley, Kenya.
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